the worst things in life come free to us
dan smith and bastille and harry styles and other random things
can you not
i dont want to rest in peace i rather be the ghost that annoys you
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I’ll come back to haunt you,  

Memories will taunt you,  

And I will try to love you,  

It’s not like I’m above you.

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Pompeii // The Ritz

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Bastille Challenge: 5/6 songs → ❝bad_news❞

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Funniest part of the interview - Kyle drinking water


he looks like he’s thinking ‘do it fast kyle, do it fast they can’t see it’

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Evo 2013 (c) Dave Hudspeth

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I guess the albatross is a kind of symbol.
Dan Smith talks about “Weight of Living” lyrics [x]

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#omg is this for real?

Dan and Kyle being adorable as fuck during No Angels in Sziget Festival 

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Bastille’s Full Performance @ Sziget Festival 2014 (August 2014)

Credit to Fanni for submitting the link!


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